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11/03/2018: On the road again!

Yay! Finally back on the road, this time with a trip down south for two amazing concerts in Oslo and Drammen. Both shows were completely different, but both were amazing. =:-) Check out the reports here:And in case you missed it on Facebook, I streamed the record store gig at Big Dipper live there! Check it out:

02/03/2018: Get your tickets!

I might have said that before, but: GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THE CONCERTS! They are totally amazing. ♥

I finally made it to my first show of the tour yesterday, and I loved it. Check out my report from the concert in Haugesund!

25/02/2018: ♥♥♥!

Still haven't made it to a concert yet (this week finally!), but I managed to put my review of the newest album on paper now. Or, actually not on paper, but into electrons and pixels, I guess ... whatever. Read it here. =;-P

Also, I added the support bands to the tour list - just in case you're still not sure whether you want to go or not (the answer is YES!, btw).

18/02/2018: Folken brenner!

And the tour is on! Skambankt started out with two sold-out shows at Folken in Stavanger. I couldn't be there, but it seems everyone on social media agrees that the concerts were awesome! Curious about the setlist? Check it out here:
Here there be spoilers ...
Thanks a lot to Nina for the photo! =:-)

It seems there also was quite some interesting merch on sale - check out this Instagram post:

KANT X SKAMBANKT. ⚡⚡ Pretty happy about the outcome of my latest project. My brand @kantnorge collaborating with @skambankt_official. I draw the stuff and screenprint by hand on Kant products. Hand pulled. Their tour kick-off was a blast last night at @folken1988. (Sold Out). Extra concert tonight (Sold Out). Thank you @skambankt_official!🙏👊⚡ . . . . . . . . . . . #goodtimes #skambankt #kantxskambankt #silketrykk #jæren #jærdweller #regionrogaland #norge #norway #exploremore #natur #explore #liveterbedreute #byas #naturelover #photography #stavanger #kantnorge #kantbutikken #sustainable #bærekraftig #folken

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16/02/2018: Taught me a lot and bought baptism for me ...

Yay! Sorry for the delay, but the lyrics and translations for the new album are finally online now. Check them out, and please let me know if you find errors or have any suggestions! The translations should be better than Google's though. =;-)

Tonight, Skambankt's tour starts with the first of two sold-out concerts at Folken in Stavanger. If you're there, send over a picture of the setlist! And if you aren't, check the tour list and figure out which of those concerts you are going to attend - because you don't want to miss out, right?