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16/12/2018: I dette huset!

At the Folken concert in Stavanger in November, Skambankt shot a live video for "I dette huset". Check it out!

28/11/2018: Loyalty rulez!

In September, Skambankt were part of Kapittel festival in Stavanger, where they talked about loyalty and team spirit in a band, and how you can be friends and colleagues at the same time.
Kapittel now released this conversation as a podcast - check it out here!

18/11/2018: Stavanger Rock City!

Yay - back home from a weekend in Stavanger, and it was so worth it! Read my reports about the concerts at Checkpoint Charlie and Folken, and check out @photosbygrethe's awesome photos from the Folken show!

Also, I hope you're following along with the tour dates for next year. There are lots of shows already announced - with the highlight (so far) surely being the support gig for Bon Jovi in Stavanger! See you there ... =:-)

23/09/2018: Concert news!

Skambankt are on tour in Denmark at the moment, and here are my reports from Aarhus and Odense!

Also, Skambankt have just announced two new concerts: an additional concert in Stavanger on November 16, this time at Checkpoint Charlie (the concert at Folken the next day is sold out by now), and their (almost) annual Christmas concert in Bryne! Dates and links are available in the LIVE section.

29/08/2018: Velkommen til konsert!

It's out! "Skambankt - Rockefeller 09.03.2018" was released last week, and while there doesn't seem to be much press around it, social media has a lot of praise. And rightfully so!

So sit back and enjoy a (short) concert in your living room - to prepare for the tour in fall, of course! Skambankt have now confirmed most of the tour dates, and in addition, they have already been announced for next year's Raumarock festival. Yay!

And for something completely different, Skambankt will participate at Kapittel in Stavanger and talk to Leif Tore Lindø about solidarity and concord in a band. This will happen on September 19, see more information here.

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