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15/08/2018: Live live live!

Only 10 days until Skambankt's first ever live album is released - have you preordered already? If not, it's about time!

And it looks like we'll get another tour in October, so we can get the live experience not only on the stereo, but also in person! The first dates are getting out now, but there will surely be a few more - check out the ones that are already announced here. And get your tickets! The show in Porsgrunn is actually sold out already!

29/06/2018: Raise your fingers ...

... and praise the first-ever Skambankt live album! Yes, there will finally be a live album, with the title "Skambankt - Rockefeller 09.03.2018". As you might be able to guess, it was recorded during the concert at Rockefeller in Oslo in March. =:-)

Cover Skambankt - Rockefeller 09.03.2018

The album won't contain the full concert (you can check the full setlist in the concert report), but the following nine songs:
  1. I dette huset
  2. Voodoo
  3. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  4. Horisonten brenner
  5. O dessverre
  6. Vår bør
  7. Levende legende
  8. Balladen om deg
  9. Stormkast #1
The release date is August 24, but you can already preorder CD and LP from Indie Recordings (keep in mind though that they ship from Spain and you might have to pay toll - so you might want to wait for the album to be available from Platekompaniet), and of course the album will be available digitally as well. The first single "O dessverre" is already out - listen to it here!

24/06/2018: ... and at the end, the Germans win!

Another fun festival show at Steinkjerfestivalen yesterday! If you like soccer, read my report here. =;-)

The festival tour continues with more shows all over Norway, from Kristiansand in the south to Vadsø in the north - check out all dates here!

03/06/2018: And so it begins ...

Festival season has started! Skambankt already played in Bryne and Florø - and yesterday they were in Trondheim. Check out my report and a few pictures!

30/05/2018: In the house!

And suddenly, there's a new single from the album! =:-) It's the first track, "I dette huset", so we'll get to hear this one on the radio soon. Most likely, it's only gonna be a radio single and not released in physical form, but we all own it on the album already, right? The video for the single is already out - watch it here!