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18/03/2018: Trondheim rocks!

Skambankt conquer every town they play in ... Trondheim was another proof for that!

11/03/2018: On the road again!

Yay! Finally back on the road, this time with a trip down south for two amazing concerts in Oslo and Drammen. Both shows were completely different, but both were amazing. =:-) Check out the reports here:And in case you missed it on Facebook, I streamed the record store gig at Big Dipper live there! Check it out:

02/03/2018: Get your tickets!

I might have said that before, but: GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THE CONCERTS! They are totally amazing. ♥

I finally made it to my first show of the tour yesterday, and I loved it. Check out my report from the concert in Haugesund!

25/02/2018: ♥♥♥!

Still haven't made it to a concert yet (this week finally!), but I managed to put my review of the newest album on paper now. Or, actually not on paper, but into electrons and pixels, I guess ... whatever. Read it here. =;-P

Also, I added the support bands to the tour list - just in case you're still not sure whether you want to go or not (the answer is YES!, btw).

18/02/2018: Folken brenner!

And the tour is on! Skambankt started out with two sold-out shows at Folken in Stavanger. I couldn't be there, but it seems everyone on social media agrees that the concerts were awesome! Curious about the setlist? Check it out here:
Here there be spoilers ...
Thanks a lot to Nina for the photo! =:-)

It seems there also was quite some interesting merch on sale - check out this Instagram post:

KANT X SKAMBANKT. ⚡⚡ Pretty happy about the outcome of my latest project. My brand @kantnorge collaborating with @skambankt_official. I draw the stuff and screenprint by hand on Kant products. Hand pulled. Their tour kick-off was a blast last night at @folken1988. (Sold Out). Extra concert tonight (Sold Out). Thank you @skambankt_official!🙏👊⚡ . . . . . . . . . . . #goodtimes #skambankt #kantxskambankt #silketrykk #jæren #jærdweller #regionrogaland #norge #norway #exploremore #natur #explore #liveterbedreute #byas #naturelover #photography #stavanger #kantnorge #kantbutikken #sustainable #bærekraftig #folken

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