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18/02/2018: Folken brenner!

And the tour is on! Skambankt started out with two sold-out shows at Folken in Stavanger. I couldn't be there, but it seems everyone on social media agrees that the concerts were awesome! Curious about the setlist? Check it out here:
Here there be spoilers ...
Thanks a lot to Nina for the photo! =:-)

It seems there also was quite some interesting merch on sale - check out this Instagram post:

KANT X SKAMBANKT. ⚡⚡ Pretty happy about the outcome of my latest project. My brand @kantnorge collaborating with @skambankt_official. I draw the stuff and screenprint by hand on Kant products. Hand pulled. Their tour kick-off was a blast last night at @folken1988. (Sold Out). Extra concert tonight (Sold Out). Thank you @skambankt_official!🙏👊⚡ . . . . . . . . . . . #goodtimes #skambankt #kantxskambankt #silketrykk #jæren #jærdweller #regionrogaland #norge #norway #exploremore #natur #explore #liveterbedreute #byas #naturelover #photography #stavanger #kantnorge #kantbutikken #sustainable #bærekraftig #folken

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16/02/2018: Taught me a lot and bought baptism for me ...

Yay! Sorry for the delay, but the lyrics and translations for the new album are finally online now. Check them out, and please let me know if you find errors or have any suggestions! The translations should be better than Google's though. =;-)

Tonight, Skambankt's tour starts with the first of two sold-out concerts at Folken in Stavanger. If you're there, send over a picture of the setlist! And if you aren't, check the tour list and figure out which of those concerts you are going to attend - because you don't want to miss out, right?

09/02/2018: It's out!

The big day is finally here, and "Horisonten brenner" is out!

Here's a bunch of links (that list will probably grow) of album reviews and interviews that are not behind a paywall. (Not saying that a paywall is bad in any way, it isn't - it's just highly inconvenient if you don't want to read about every topic in one newspaper but about one topic in every newspaper ... ;-) )

Record reviews:Interviews & articles:

08/02/2018: New record! New website!

Yay - the wait is over! "Horisonten brenner" will be out tomorrow, and according to all interviews and the very first reviews, we really got something to look forward to! =:-)

Skambankt will be busy tomorrow and on Saturday, doing signings and small concerts at Platekompaniet in Sandnes and Stavanger. Only there you can also get a special limited version of the album in orange vinyl! But if you don't live anywhere close, no need to despair - you might not be able to get the orange version, but the yellow LP looks way cooler anyway. =;-) And you can order it from all the common places, plus, which ships to pretty much everywhere with acceptable postage. Not for online sale, but only available locally, is Skambankt's new beer Gribben - also launched in time for the new album.

Of course, a new album means a new design for the website! And for some reason, a new design always leads to a complete rewrite, and so everything is different here. =;-) I hope you like it! I cleaned up the information in such a way that everything that is old content and unlikely to be updated regularly has moved to the vault, while the rest of the stuff is (hopefully) always up-to-date. Also, the website is now fully responsive and should work fine on all those devices that you kids use for surfing nowadays. =;-) So check out the new site! I'm always glad about feedback, positive or negative - drop me a mail or use the contact form, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!

If you're looking for the lyrics or translations of the album, I'll have to disappoint you for now though ... I didn't get them beforehand and I'm not sure when I can get the album, so typing out the lyrics, let alone translating them, will definitely take some days ... sorry!

24/01/2018: Fire on the horizon!

As a last (?) teaser before the release of the album, Skambankt now released another single, namely the title track "Horisonten brenner". And as for the other singles, they made a video for it! So check it out: