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24/01/2018: Fire on the horizon!

As a last (?) teaser before the release of the album, Skambankt now released another single, namely the title track "Horisonten brenner". And as for the other singles, they made a video for it! So check it out:

15/01/2018: Release time!

The release of "Horisonten brenner" is scheduled for February 9 - and you can already preorder your copy of the album (CD and black or yellow vinyl) at Indie Recordings! Here's the cover and the tracklist of the album:

Cover Horisonten brenner
  1. I dette huset (In this house)
  2. Når imperiet faller (When the empire falls)
  3. Protest dommer (Objection your honor)
  4. Fremmed i en fremmed verden (Stranger in a strange world)
  5. Horisonten brenner (The horizon is burning)
  6. Kommer snart hjem (I'll soon be home)
  7. Levende legende (Living legend)
  8. Stein for stein (Step by step)
  9. Gribben (The vulture)
Want a sneak preview? Here you go!