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30/03/2018: It's a wrap!

That's it - the tour is over. And what a tour it was ... everybody who was there will certainly agree! It was awesome to see how many people were there for the first time on this tour. Welcome in, all you new fans - great to have you on board! =:-)

As always, I wrote reports for all the concerts I attended - check them out in the LIVE section. The latest is the one from the concert in Bodø, where I also took some pictures. You can check those out on Facebook!

So now Skambankt take a bit of a break, before it's time for the summer festivals. You can check out all the dates that are known already in the tour list - and as you can see there, there's already a Denmark tour planned for September, and I definitely heard some whispers about another tour in Norway in the fall as well. So we got a lot to look forward to! =:-D

20/03/2018: No rest for the weary!

Before heading up north for the final weekend of this tour, Skambankt paid a visit to NRK and appeared on Christine's show. You can listen to the audio here! And here are the videos of the live performance - Horisonten brenner and a cover of Bendik's Perfekt:

18/03/2018: Trondheim rocks!

Skambankt conquer every town they play in ... Trondheim was another proof for that!

11/03/2018: On the road again!

Yay! Finally back on the road, this time with a trip down south for two amazing concerts in Oslo and Drammen. Both shows were completely different, but both were amazing. =:-) Check out the reports here:And in case you missed it on Facebook, I streamed the record store gig at Big Dipper live there! Check it out:

02/03/2018: Get your tickets!

I might have said that before, but: GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THE CONCERTS! They are totally amazing. ♥

I finally made it to my first show of the tour yesterday, and I loved it. Check out my report from the concert in Haugesund!