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24/06/2018: ... and at the end, the Germans win!

Another fun festival show at Steinkjerfestivalen yesterday! If you like soccer, read my report here. =;-)

The festival tour continues with more shows all over Norway, from Kristiansand in the south to Vadsø in the north - check out all dates here!

03/06/2018: And so it begins ...

Festival season has started! Skambankt already played in Bryne and Florø - and yesterday they were in Trondheim. Check out my report and a few pictures!

30/05/2018: In the house!

And suddenly, there's a new single from the album! =:-) It's the first track, "I dette huset", so we'll get to hear this one on the radio soon. Most likely, it's only gonna be a radio single and not released in physical form, but we all own it on the album already, right? The video for the single is already out - watch it here!

25/05/2018: Summer is coming!

Summer, sun - and festivals! It's that time of the year again, and Skambankt will start the festival season at home this year with a concert at Jærnåttå in Bryne. All in all, there are 13 festivals on the list (at the moment - who knows, maybe there will be even more?), so you don't have any excuse to not see them this summer!

Check out the full list here, and if you scroll down a little, you'll find the concert map that will help you plan your festival summer. =:-)

30/03/2018: It's a wrap!

That's it - the tour is over. And what a tour it was ... everybody who was there will certainly agree! It was awesome to see how many people were there for the first time on this tour. Welcome in, all you new fans - great to have you on board! =:-)

As always, I wrote reports for all the concerts I attended - check them out in the LIVE section. The latest is the one from the concert in Bodø, where I also took some pictures. You can check those out on Facebook!

So now Skambankt take a bit of a break, before it's time for the summer festivals. You can check out all the dates that are known already in the tour list - and as you can see there, there's already a Denmark tour planned for September, and I definitely heard some whispers about another tour in Norway in the fall as well. So we got a lot to look forward to! =:-D