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•  2018/08/24   Gvarv (N)  Kartfestivalen
•  2018/09/08   Skedsmokorset (N)  Huseby Harvest
•  2018/09/20   København (DK)  Hotel Cecil
•  2018/09/21   Århus (DK)  Atlas
•  2018/09/22   Odense (DK)  Posten
•  2018/10/05   Horten (N)  Glassmagasinet
~  2018/10/12   Stord (N)  Arena
~  2018/10/13   Førde (N)  Larris Scene
~  2018/10/26   Fredrikstad (N)  Gamlebyen Kulturhus
~  2018/10/27   Porsgrunn (N)  Sort & Blå Scene
•  2018/11/17   Stavanger (N)  Folken

•: officially confirmed
~: seems to be confirmed, but not yet announced
?: not confirmed/rumor
If the date is in italics, it is not clear yet on which day of the festival Skambankt will play.

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