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2022/10/20: Skambankt, Oslo

It would be really cool to be able to say that both my very first and my very last Skambankt concert was at John Dee in Oslo, and I thought that was true as well – but no, turns out that my very first Skambankt concert was actually at Garasjen in Oslo … But hey, my second Skambankt concert in Oslo, fourth Skambankt concert overall, was at John Dee, so that’s close enough I guess, right? =;-)

Just some statistics to start this report off in style here. *lol* Since I’m apparently the one who keeps track of everything Skambankt do and say and has a database of every concert and song they ever played. =;-) Which again is probably “close enough” to the truth – I would assume that the concert list on this page is the most complete that exists (even though I’m sure that some of the old concerts are missing, and the dates for all the Covid concerts are certainly not accurate, given how often they were moved around). And for most Skambankt concerts I’ve seen, I put the setlist into the concert report. So yes, I guess I do keep track of everything. =;-)

But let’s get back to John Dee … my very last Skambankt concert ever! =:-( I expected a lot from the concert and had actively decided to go for the John Dee concert rather than the Rockefeller concert – because John Dee is so much smaller, and small club concerts are always awesome! But when we got there kinda late-ish (luckily without too much stress, thanks to Norwegian for not causing the kind of chaos that SAS did last week), only the front row was crowded and otherwise it was quite empty. Which of course changed until Skambankt went on – but still, with the concert being on a week night and without a support band, the show started out kinda slow, I felt … Skambankt were on point right from the start, but the audience wasn’t really into it yet.

Luckily, that changed throughout the concert! The setlist was quite standard for this tour (even though I was kinda surprised about Terje complaining several times that it was too dark on stage to see the setlist – come on, I only saw four concerts on this tour, and I knew that the next songs would be “Vår bør” and “Desertør” *lol*). It had a really nice surprise with “Pansersjokk” though, yay! Haven’t heard that one forever. =:-)

Then before “Me sa nei”, the song Skambankt played at every single concert so far, Terje “complained” about a certain someone (some German living in Trondheim … =;-)) fact-checking that statement. Hey, come on, I concluded with a “close enough” on that one, isn’t that sufficient?! *lol* And they DID NOT play it at Kartfestivalen in 2010. =;-D

Of course, that got back to me later on in the concert, when Terje asked me if they had played “Stormkast #1” at every single concert. And my gut feeling was that yes, they’ve played that one every time, and definitely more often than “Me sa nei”! “But you are gonna fact-check this afterwards, right?” – well, yes, of course I will! And yep, I haven’t found any concerts (unplugged excluded, but that’s the same for “Me sa nei”, of course) where they didn’t play “Stormkast #1” – well, except that … the song was released on “Min eliksir”, so of course they couldn’t play it before 2007. Oooops … I guess “Me sa nei” wins after all. =;-D

Anyway, after all that discussion about song statistics, Skambankt gave a big shout-out to the front row and the girls that “use way too much money” on coming to so many concerts to see them, but who are the ones who “lager stemning” and smile and have a great time at every concert. Oh yes, I couldn’t agree more! By then, the atmosphere had gotten a lot more enthusiastic overall, but nothing beats the front row. =:-) Except maybe the guy from the front-cover of the live album, who was there as well and also got a shout-out. =;-)

And then, Skambankt went off after “Stormkast #1” (which already didn’t bode well for the last song … *g*). As usual, the crowd went mad and shouted for encores, so we got three final songs: “Mantra”, “Slukk meg (for eg brenner)” and … yes, of course. My last ever Skambankt song was … *drumroll* … “Malin”. Yay! Thank you very much. =:-D

(And yes, of course, I get it. People want to hear it. But Skambankt really could have switched out Stormkast and Malin, just for this one show! And I’m starting to wonder what will be their absolute final song in Stavanger … *lol*)

The full setlist:

  1. Dynasti
  2. Skambankt
  3. Satan – det e du
  4. Horisonten brenner
  5. Voodoo
  6. Pansersjokk
  7. Vår bør
  8. 10/10
  9. Balladen om deg
  10. Desertør
  11. Alarm
  12. Tanker som mareritt
  13. Me sa nei
  14. O dessverre
  15. Født på ny
  16. Stormkast #1
  17. Mantra
  18. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  19. Malin

Either way, this was a great concert to finish things off – very sad it’s over, but THANK YOU for all the concerts (to go back to the statistics: a total of 74 concerts over the course of 17 and a half years!), THANK YOU for all the music and THANK YOU for all the good times! Lots of highs (and lows …) from a fansite perspective as well, but overall a lot of experiences I’d never want to miss! <3

Takk for alt! And see you on the comeback tour in a couple of years. =;-)


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