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2022/08/06: Skambankt, Raumarock

Skambankt are wrapping things up – but luckily, they are still playing a couple of festivals this summer and a last big tour in the fall!

So of course I had to pick one of the festivals. The closest to Trondheim was Raumarock, and since I’d been there 15 years ago already and really liked both the festival and the surroundings, the decision was easy. Road trip time!

Of course, even though we’re talking about “summer” festivals here – “summer” is a rather dubious term in not-Oslo-Norway this year … The weather forecast for Raumarock was 11 degrees and rain all day for Saturday. Yay! Luckily, it didn’t turn out quite as bad – the 11 degrees was about right, but it stopped raining just before the concerts started. Yay! =:-D

It’s been more than a year since my last Skambankt concert – and more than three years since my last “plugged” Skambankt concert! =:-o (That one was as support for Bon Jovi, in 11 degrees and rain, by the way … *lol*) So it was about time again! It felt kinda strange though – in one way, it all felt as if my last “rock Skambankt” concert had been last week, and at the same time, it felt like ages ago. I constantly cursed myself for not having my camera ready because of course I knew that there would be a picture-worthy moment coming up – but then, I didn’t realize until two seconds before. =;-)

Still, it felt really really good to be at a real Skambankt concert again. The setlist was awesome as well – a great mixture of old hits and the stuff that “the kids nowadays” =;-) know. The only downside was that when Skambankt asked for wishes, the first song they chose was “Malin”. Oh come on … if there’s ONE song that nobody needs, it’s clearly that pop schlager – I just can’t keep myself from laughing about the ridiculous “ooh-ooh-ooh” part. Sorry. *lol* Luckily, I could confirm afterwards that my suspicion about the song being on the setlist anyway was correct, which made it a bit less annoying.

The concert happened rather early in the evening, and unfortunately, there weren’t that many people around yet. And of course, there was quite a bit of a “bygdefest” feeling around the festival anyway … which clearly influenced the way the concert was going. I mean, at the very end when they were taking a picture, Skambankt told us to “look as if we were having fun”. =;-D So it was obvious that Skambankt didn’t expect too much from the audience, but of course they kept challenging us! And I have to admit that I was VERY surprised when they asked for a wall of death (without calling it that, since Norwegians don’t know what that is =;-) ) in “Me sa nei” and asked for the festival to “explode” – and people were actually into it, beer glasses were flying and there was an actual mosh pit. For a couple of seconds. But hey, I did NOT expect that at all. =:-D

Not quite sure why Skambankt decided to count down from 19 in that song, given that it was Raumarock’s 20th anniversary. =;-) And I’m also slightly tempted to fact-check the statement that they’ve played “Me sa nei” at every single concert they’ve played – but then, who cares, they played it this time and it was huge fun! One thing I was a little confused about was that they started to put vocal efects on most of the old songs … not sure I’m a fan of that. But then, my guess is that it’s supposed to make them easier to sing, which is a good reason. And the songs are always fun live, so it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

Not a lot of note-worthy talk between the songs, but still a great concert! Only too short – they had 90 minutes and were pretty much the only band that night that didn’t use all their time. But then, they were also the only band that had a full 90 minutes, so this might just have been bad planning from the festival. =;-)

The full setlist:

  1. Dynasti
  2. Skambankt
  3. Voodoo
  4. Horisonten brenner
  5. Mantra
  6. Vår bør
  7. Balladen om deg
  8. Tanker som mareritt
  9. Me sa nei
  10. O dessverre
  11. Malin
  12. Født på ny
  13. Slukk meg (for eg brenner)
  14. Stormkast #1

PS: And the result from the fact check – I just clicked on five random concert reports, and four out of the five concerts had “Me sa nei” in the setlist (the odd one out was Kartfestivalen). So I guess that’s close enough. =;-)


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