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2010/10/16: Skambankt, Ås


Last time in Ås, we had been sightseeing all around the Østfold the whole day, were terribly tired, slept through the Hellbillies concert, and waited for Skambankt at the wrong stage in the end, ooops. This time, it was entirely different. We slept late, had a quiet day, arrived in Ås just when the fun actually started, checked where the concert would be right away, and prevented some fellow fans from doing the same mistake that we did. =;-)

Before Skambankt, some American rapper was playing. I had never heard of Ryan Leslie, and I guess I don’t care to find out who he is, but people seemed to enjoy themselves; and he was obviously a big star, ’cause he didn’t get close to the audience without a bodyguard close by. *lol*
In the meantime, we got some weird looks from the merch stand – why the hell would somebody learn a language because of a band?!? Well, I don’t know. It just… happened. *g*

Anyway, then it was time for Skambankt. As we had suspected before, most of the people were there to see Skambankt, so the concert room filled up very quickly. Still, for a student thingy: The audience was great! Lots of drunk kiddies, of course, but no annoying drunk kiddies. =;-) And everyone wanted to see the concert and have fun. Yay!

So the atmosphere was great right from the start, even though Terje pointed out that they thought maybe it was a bit too late for that… no, it was not!

Skambankt played almost exactly the same setlist as the day before. The only difference was that they added Født på ny as first encore. Actually, I don’t have a lot to report here – all in all, the concert was very similar to the one in Sarpsborg, even though the room was much bigger, the stage much higher, and so of course there was less interaction with the front rows. OK, and so I was standing in the back this time, which of course meant I couldn’t really see all that was happening on stage. But then, I managed to film some nice clips – check them out on my YouTube channel. Oh, and by the way – even though there were technical problems in almost all of the songs that I recorded, the rest of the concert went just fine. Guess my camera spreads bad karma or something. *g*

There was a bit of talk, but not really a lot worth remembering. =;-) Before Malin, Terje asked whether we knew the following song. Everybody screamed YES before even knowing what was going to happen (well, except for those people who knew the setlist… *g*), so Terje announced they would now play their favorite cover song “Krabbeklo”. =;-)

In Me sa nei, we had to count down from 40 (which took quite a while *g*), and as mentioned, the first encore was the ballad Født på ny. Nice to hear that one live!

That’s about all there is to report about the show – Skambankt should really start doing different things at their concerts, or it doesn’t make sense to write reports. *lol* But hey, just check out the videos, ’cause the concert was a lot of fun and the audience was great!

So now I’ll take a little break again from touring… before I’ll get on my way up to Northern Norway in December, yay! =:-D


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