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2009/7/25: Skambankt, Månefestivalen


Yep, time for another festival! And this time with Skambankt AND Kaizers Orchestra, even on the same day. But I’ll keep the reports separate, so this one will probably be rather short – given that Skambankt had only about 40 minutes…

There weren’t really a lot of people at the main stage when Skambankt came on. It got more and more crowded during the concert though, and compared to the amount of people present at the same time the day before, there was a HUGE crowd – but still, it did look a bit empty. And you could notice that as well, the crowd was rather quiet, especially if you compared it to Slottsfjell, for example. There was hardly anybody who knew Skambankt, or even the lyrics, and so people were enjoying the concert, but there were only few people who were really moving, singing, screaming, participating. That was kinda sad – however, it changed a lot throughout the concert! Guess that needed hard work on stage, but towards the end, the (much bigger) crowd in front of the stage was into it, and the feedback was very positive as well from what I heard.

There was more talk inbetween the songs this time – not really a lot of relevant information of course *g*, but we learned for example that Dynasti was Skambankt’s biggest “something like hit” from the Eliksir album, and the song they would play now is even being played on the radio! So we might even know it! (Well, except for the people in the front, of course, because we know it anyway. *g*) And of course, there was a Malin in the audience who raised up her hand.

Speaking of hands, clapping along worked out nicely in the front, but it was a bit slow in the back… but if you point at specific people long enough, they’ll obviously give in at some point in time. =;-) And “the bass drum works always” -yes, it does, it’s magic that makes people clap along!

A bit of a downside was that the power went out during the second song. But as Terje pointed out afterwards: “It was just at the right moment. It could have been on purpose!” And at least it didn’t take as long as the day before to get it back on, and so it wasn’t much of a problem.

For the record: We had to count up to 17 in Me sa nei this time, and Camilla from Sweden, who saw her 21st Skambankt concert, managed to count up to four in Alarm.

And here’s the setlist: Vår Bør, Skambankt, Løgnprofitør, Me sa nei, Dynasti, Malin, Alarm, O Dessverre, Stormkast #1.

No Desertør this time… But they stretched out Stormkast a bit, included a little break – and didn’t really know how to get back into the song again afterwards. But hey, you gotta try it in order to find out what doesn’t work. =;-)

So all in all, a very entertaining concert. The audience wasn’t really impressive, that’s why the Slottsfjell concert was better in the end, but this was great fun as well! =:-)


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