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2007/7/13: Skambankt, Kvinesdal
(by Linn)


Now, how do you write a summary of a concert so great everything is mixed together in one happy mass? I’ve no idea, but I’ll try anyway. This is my memory of the Skambankt concert in Kvinesdal.

This was my second concert with Skambankt. And like the first one it was on Friday the 13th (seriously, what’s up with that?).
Malin and I decided that we were going to be in the first row. That’s why lunch was done early, and off we went with my banner and some extra clothing to wait. This turned out to be unnecessary since we were almost totally alone between the concerts. People just didn’t show up before someone announced the band.

The band playing before Skambankt was simply boring. Anthem, a Dio tribute, was the worst concert during the festival. Although this was probably just because we were standing there waiting for Skambankt, and didn’t know any Dio songs.
And finally Skambankt was announced, with the speaker hitting himself with a shoe (!)

Of course it started with the intro from Eliksir. And then Skambankt entered the stage. By then it was crowded. And we were holding the banner on display. When Terje saw it he smiled and threw us a kiss. The others seemed to like it too.

I can’t remember the set list at all. But I know they played two songs from Skambankt first and then Terje announced they were going to play one of his personal favorites, from Eliksir.
After this my memories are one big happy cloud inside my mind.

Sometime after this though, they played Alarm. And in the middle of this Terje motioned to one of the guards he wanted two people up on the stage. Those two were Malin and me with the banner. When I found out we were getting up on the stage my thoughts were:
– Puh, finally out of the crowd. (It was getting really uncomfortable, even for a Skambankt show)
– Oh my god, we’re getting up on the stage in front of the festival!
…in that order.

Once up there Terje said he wanted us to count up for the rest of Alarm, en to tre fir! He then announced to the audience he had found two who could count to four.
So we did just that, and then stayed on stage during the rest of Alarm singing along with Tollak. Wow, that was fun!
The image of all the people in front of the stage is burned into my mind now.
Terje then gave us a kiss on the cheek and a hug each and asked us our names. He then announced his thanks to Linn and Malin to the audience.
And so we were standing there, wondering what the hell to do next. Terje noticed though, and told us we could stay or do whatever we wanted. But then one of the crew, who didn’t hear that, herded us off the stage. We had to walk through the backstage area and out on the side.

Next thing I remember is standing at the side and seeing Skambankt playing Desertør. And suddenly remembering our things, I went in search of a guard who could get them from where we had put them in front of the stage. Before watching the rest of the concert from the side with the banner held high.

After the concert I decided that I wanted the banner signed. That meant standing by the fence where we could see Sonja parked. And when Kai (the cameraman) showed up we yelled at him until he noticed. And then I asked him if he could get it signed.
Being nice he wandered off with the banner. After a while he came back, but this time from the other side. He had come to lead us backstage. That was a shock…

After getting us past the guard he led us through the backstage area to Skambankt. I remember being nervous as hell. But when we got there they were so nice. And Kai asked us if we had a camera. I gave him mine.
Terje asked us if we were old enough to drink and then told us to just go and get a cold beer. Who says no to that? Free beer backstage! And in bottles, no stupid plastic glasses.
After introductions and a bit of talking Kai gathered us for a group picture. Those are funny XD!
A bit more talking and moving away from someone fighting, and then Tollak noticed my BILKA bag. He made Malin, who were carrying it, turn it around and then he said something to another guy before laughing out loud. Neither Malin nor I found out what was so funny?
He then insisted that the whole point of my family’s holidays to Denmark was to go shopping at BILKA, although that’s not true.

Sometime after that we went out to watch Jorn play. He had started while we were still backstage. Tollak seemed to enjoy that show =) I couldn’t concentrate on it, and therefore don’t remember a thing. But you can’t really blame me for that now, can you?

Oh and by the way, when I got my camera back I noticed that Kai had taken some other pictures too. And neither Malin nor I had noticed that. So now Kai is sneaking Kai =)


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