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2010/9/3: Skambankt, Rått og Råde


One of the last festival gigs of the year, bright sunshine, and homecoming at the same time – this Skambankt show at Rått og Råde just couldn’t go wrong! I was there the whole festival (check out my report here), but the Skambankt concert was the highlight, of course.

And it seemed that I wasn’t the only one who thought like that. When I arrived at the small stage (while Band of Horses was still playing on the big one), there was already quite a crowd in front of the stage, and there were more and more people coming. Great! And the atmosphere was amazing; it was the first time at the festival that people started shouting for the next band to come out. Yay! And also throughout the concert, I was amazed by the enthusiastic and loud audience. That’s just so great to see, and Skambankt really deserve it! I was kinda happy though that I was on the side and not in the middle of the action, ’cause it seemed quite aggressive in there… and it actually ended up with a girl behind hurt because someone jumped into her back. =:-/ But it was impressive to watch the crowd! OK, at least until I saw the Kvelertak concert the next day, because the audience was even more enthusiastic and aggressive there – but Skambankt delivered the way better concert, of course. =;-)

It started with an old lady (supposedly Tollak’s grandma-in-something-like-law =;-)) coming on stage and delivering a speech that she’d gonna check out the kind of music that the youth likes to listen to now, and that people should promise (and repeat after her, of course) to behave nicely and not pee into other people’s backyards. Which of course was Skambankt’s response to the “rullatoropprør”, where elderly people had protested against the festival and called Skambankt’s music “åndelig terror” – spiritual terror. Great idea to answer this in this way! =:-)

Then Skambankt came on to the Dynasti intro, and after Dynasti they continued with Skambankt. Twice even, because Terje tripped Tollak on the first try. =;-)

As always, they got the audience going under Skambankt, everybody was screaming along. Løgnprofitør got the atmosphere up even more, and while Mantra is a bit calmer, everybody knew that one. So it continued as it started, with a really hot audience and a band that didn’t take much time to talk in between or let the audience get any rest. Next up were Vår bør, Malin, and then Slukk meg for eg brenner.

Then Skambankt decided to play a song from the new album, namely “Kaos, så inferno”, the opening track of Søvnløs. And the reaction was very positive, even though people could only know the song from some live videos or the one time it’s been played on the radio.

Next up was Tanker som mareritt, followed by O dessverre, which everybody knew again. The time was almost up already – but Terje asked whether we wanted to hear another song. And then he offered not only one more song, but two! First Me sa nei (where we had to count down from 21 in the middle), then Stormkast #1, again with a great and long solo part in between. And that was it – no time for encores, unfortunately. =:-(

Too bad, but a great concert anyway, even though they didn’t even play Alarm. I really think they’ll have to think about playing a bit longer on the next tour so that they can fit in both old and new stuff into their set! *g*


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