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2009/8/19: Skambankt, Campus/Tromsø
(by Lena)


I was at work, just another ordinary Monday, when I suddenly got an e-mail saying “Did you know about this?”. There was a link enclosed, to the home page of Studenthuset Driv – the local student cafè/bar/concert venue. Oh – that’s nice, Skambankt will be playing in Tromsø this autumn… When? … In 2 (TWO!) days! WOW! That’s what I call a flying start of the week!
I headed straight down to Driv after work to get hold of a ticket…
But that was not the end of the day’s surprises… Shortly after, another e-mail could announce that Skambankt wouldn’t be playing just one, but TWO concerts on the same day! In addition to the one I now had a ticket for, there was going to be a free concert at the university. Outside, in the middle of the day… Well, I can probably leave work early for one day…

 * Thank goodness I’ve got someone in Germany making sure I don’t miss out on anything fun in Tromsø… =;-)

Campus, Wednesday at 14:00.
Jackie Moonshine – who were also going to be warming up for Skambankt later – came on and played 5, maybe 6 songs. Local band playing “garage-blues-rock”. I haven’t heard them before but my first impression wasn’t half bad… Given the time of day and the amount of people in the audience… 😉 I was actually a bit surprised, I would have thought more students would grab the opportunity to get a free concert…

After what seemed like a veeery loooong 20 minute waiting time in the weird weather we have here today (one minute it’s raining, the next it’s sunny from an – almost – blue sky, and then it’s pouring down even worse than before), Skambankt arrived. Apparently they came directly from the airport, and they had to make sure the instruments were correctly tuned… Hans? Børge? Tollak? Terje? Check! Everything seemed to be alright, and so they started with Skambankt. By now the rain had stopped, and the sun came out again. “See? We fought the weather – and won!”

“This little concert is only going to be a teaser for the big one tonight”, so they weren’t going to play that many songs, Terje informed… Next up was Dynasti, shortly followed by O’ Dessverre as more and more people sang along and applauded. Apparently, I wasn’t the only Skambankt fan who had found my way to the campus…

So, they were only going to play one more song, but they weren’t sure which one they should take… The audience had some very good suggestions; “Skamania! Politistat! Malin!” But no, Tollak didn’t want to play Skamania, and the other two just weren’t right … But the one song that should be perfect, since Terje had to say no, no, and no all the time, had to be… Me sa nei. And I agree, it was the perfect song to play right then!

And that was it, teaser concert abruptly over. Nice, too short to be called great, but… See you tonight, Terje shouted!

Indeed… Im looking very much forward to it! =:-)


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