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2010/12/4: Skambankt, Bodø

Oh. My. God! =:-D

OK, I guess I should expand the report a tiny little bit.. =;-) Actually, I don’t remember any details about the concert except that it was absolutely awesome – so the above sentence really says it all. *g*

From Harstad to Bodø, it was another long drive – including a one-hour ferry trip (which – totally coincidentally =;-) – included a little interview with a certain band that happened to be on the same ferry. So look forward to get to read a little fan interview here soon!).

Bodø was actually the only one of the three concerts where none of us had to drive afterwards, so the evening started with a little hotel room vorspiel. When we got to Sinus about ten minutes after Skambankt were supposed to have started, the venue was almost entirely empty. Nobody in the front row! That was so incredibly inviting that we just couldn’t resist… =;-) So in a way I guess it was good that we only got to see three concerts – we started on the gallery in Tromsø, in Harstad we were somewhere in the middle, and in Bodø right in front. Concert four would have been on stage, I guess. *g*

Anyway. I didn’t expect anything from the concert. Harstad had been amazing, and how should Skambankt top that again? And there was hardly anybody there… Well. totally wrong. By eleven, the place was packed, the audience was hot, Skambankt came on and the place just exploded.

As I wrote before, I don’t have any details to report here. The concert was absolutely fantastic, the audience enthusiastic and shouting and screaming all the time, the band seemed to love the show, and we had SO much fun!

The setlist was the same as in Harstad, except that Skambankt spontaneously added Alarm as last song before the encores, because they just didn’t want to leave, it seemed. =:-)

After the show, we were drenched in beer and sweat, but happy. Or short: Oh. My. God! =:-D

This tour was absolutely amazing – just like my first tour to Northern Norway! Thanks so much to Lena and John for great company – vi sees i februar (og i Tyskland etterpå)! Suzanne, great to see you again, and a big thank you to Katharina and Bernd for the great hospitality! =:-)
And of course: THANK YOU to Skambankt for three amazing concerts! It will be hard to wait three years until the next concerts…

But anyway: I’m really looking forward to the next Nord-Norge tour! =:-D


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Great report, as always! Really brings back the memories (yeah, I know it wasn’t that long ago, but still *g*) of a fantastic weekend. :-)
Next time, I guess the mini-tour won’t be in the north (or maybe it will?), and maybe it won’t be just three concerts we get to see then? Who knows... And we might just manage to end up on stage for the last concert... *gg*
Next year will be great - can’t wait til February... =:-D
Thank you for great company, and for an exhausting yet amazing weekend - I still haven’t recuperated completely... :-D
Lena (10/12/08)