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2007/4/25: Still more concerts!

If you thought Skambankt's calendar looks quite busy for the next months, take another look - there's still some free weekends left. =;-) One less now though, as according to, they will be playing in Hjelmeland May 12th.
I'll be off for two more concerts this weekend, so check back next week for reports and pictures!

2007/4/17: Festivals and stuff

Today, Skambankt have been announced for Pulpit Rock in Stavanger, August 17! Also, the concerts at Malakoff Rockfestival and Skiippagurrafestivalen have been confirmed by now.
The Goo Men just released a new record, check out for a news bit, or read the translation here.
And finally, according to this article, Skambankt have contributed a song to a commercial of the University of Stavanger that will be shown in cinemas. "It didn't seem like the advertising caught my attention, but I liked the music" - well, that's something. =;-)

2007/4/14: No snow in Grimstad...

Yesterday, Skambankt played in Grimstad, to make up for the gig they had to cancel there in Februar because of the snowstorm.
Linn was so kind to write a report about the concert. Read it here! Also, she took some great photos, check them out here.
Thanks a lot to Linn for the report and pictures!

2007/4/2: Festival season!

And yet another festival: Skambankt will be playing at Malakoff Rockfestival, additionally to Sprellfestivalen and Skiippagurrafestivalen (plus the ones that have been confirmed already, of course).
Check out the tour list and map for all the dates!

2007/4/1: Spot the Fist!

April 1st, time for April Fools!
But naaah, I hate them, so you won't get any, at least not this year. =;-) But if you want to have something funny anyway, check out this video. The first ten seconds should be enough...
Thanks to Linda for the link! =:-)