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Band history

2007/12/4: Christmas tour!

Before the big live break in 2008, Skambankt will do another (local) tour at the end of the year, just before Christmas. Check out the dates and places here!
Also, they put another episode of the tour diary online. =;-)

2007/11/28: Gimme more!

Another concert has been announced: Skambankt will be playing in Flekkefjord Dec.19. And there's rumors about more concerts around Christmas - so stay tuned!

2007/11/11: Still not done...

Still more concerts coming up for Skambankt - check out the dates here, and read the translation of the latest here!

2007/10/23: Tour tour tour!

Yeah - just returned back from Norway, from a great road trip up north with three Skambankt concerts! =:-) Read the reports here and check out the photos - and leave some comments! =;-)

And the Skambankt tour still isn't finished. Next weekend, they will play a concert in Farsund! Never getting tired, those guys...

2007/10/9: Skambanktize your desktop!

The first round of the competition "Skambanktize your desktop!" is over! Thanks a lot to the participants - and congratulations! I haven't received too many entries, so that means that everybody who sent something in wins. Pretty cool, right? =:-)
So now, if you regret you didn't take part: There's still a few prizes left. So the competition is not closed yet. If you want to take part, do so - I'm looking forward to receive your entries! If they are good, they will be put up here on the site for download - and you will win a prize. So it's still worth taking part.

Nothing new from Skambankt except for a few links with concert pictures and reviews. This weekend, they will play in Oslo, together with The Grand, and it will be a great concert for sure, so don't miss it!