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Band history

2007/3/6: Festivals!

Skambankt will be playing at Raumarock in August and Jærnåttå in Bryne in May - the latter together with Zahl and Janove Ottesen. Check the map to see where those festivals take place.
At the Rockefeller concert, Captain Murphy will play as support band.

2007/3/5: Wohoo!

The concerts in Denmark are history. And historic, hell yeah!
I just put the concert reports for Aalborg, Århus and Copenhagen online, along with the pictures for Aalborg and Århus, the latter taken by Nad, thanks a lot for the great photos! The pictures for the Copenhagen concert will be online tomorrow, gotta catch some sleep now... =;-)
The winners of the Promote Skambankt-concert are selected now, they will be announced in the next days.

2007/2/27: Rock'n'Roll Highschool!

Skambankt put a news bit about the concert at Gildbro highschool up on their website, read the translation here.
The Denmark tour will start tomorrow - this means I'll be a bit busy the next days... =;-) So don't expect any updates before next week. Unfortunately, this also means that the winners for the "Promote Skambankt!"-competition won't be announced until then. But I promise to put the result online as soon as possible, which probably means beginning of next week!
Last, please note that the new date for Grimstad is not confirmed yet.

2007/2/25: New concerts and merch

According to this article, the new date for the gig in Grimstad is April 13.
The winners of the private concert that and gave out last week is a 5th grade of a school in Ishøj. Congrats! And if any of you should happen to read this and would want to write a report... =;-)
On you can see and buy the new Skambankt merch!

2007/2/23: New, new, new!

As I am constantly adding new links, which probably noone ever notices 'cause it's impossible to remember what is new and what is old, I decided to clean up the link section a bit. This means a few more categories and - more important - fancy "NEW!"-stars that show you which of the links are actually new. So, if you just want to see what new links where added, look for the signs... =;-)