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Band history

2007/7/30: On the road again...

I just added the newly released concert dates for the fall tour to the tour map.
There won't be any updates for the next three weeks or so, as I will be on vacation. I'll make up for it with another report though... =;-)

2007/7/28: Bana bana...

Skambankt have anounced the winner of the banner competition! Read the translation here. Congratulations, Linn! (And don't forget to write a report again... *g*)
Kick has officially announced Skambankt's tour in Denmark in September. 4 dates this time, and additionally to the concerts in Copenhagen and Århus, two new cities will be stomped to the ground this time, namely Horsens and Odense.

2007/7/26: Tour diary and tour dates!

The second part of Skambankt's tour diary is online on the Skambankt news page by now, so check it out! (And if you really can't wait till the third part, go to "se video" on - or directly to YouTube.)
But nothing can make up for the real thing, thus seeing Skambankt live in concert. If you're not into festivals, don't worry - looks like the fall tour will happen as planned. At least the first tour dates are leaking through!

2007/7/11: Web diary!

Skambankt just put online a first part of an internet festival diary. Check it out on!

2007/7/18: Kvinesdal

Linn wrote a report about the Skambankt concert at Kvindesdal Rock Festival, you can read it here. Also, check out the photos here. Thanks a lot for the report and pictures!
Apart from that, a few links to more festival pics.