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2007/1/31: Report and pictures!

There you go: the report and the photos from the release party are online now. Enjoy!
Apart from this, I'm constantly updating the link section with links to album reviews, interviews, and concert reviews and pictures.
There's some new festival dates, so check out the tour list and map!

2007/1/31: In the stores!

The big day has come and gone - Eliksir is in the stores and the release party is over. Now it's time to make up your own opinion about the album instead of just reading about how great or boring it is. =;-)
Skambankt have updated their website, so check it out! If you don't know Norwegian, don't worry, I will put up translations of the news here - just give me a day or two to get them done. But you should definitely check out the video to Dynasti, Skambankt put it up on their new website!
Don't forget to watch Lydverket on NRK tonight. The rerun will be on Monday, Feb. 5, 10 past midnight!
Two more concert dates have been confirmed: The show in Harstad will take place after all, and Skambankt will go even further north and play in Tromsø as well. Also, more and more festival dates are being confirmed. If you have some hints, please drop me a line. For all festival and concert dates that are known yet, check the LIVE section.
And finally, the competition is going on, of course. Skambankt have agreed to be on the jury - so go out and do some promotion!

2007/1/30: Day -1!

The album is out, the release party is history, and the reviews are coming in. Check out the link section for new reviews (of the album and of the release concert) and articles! There's also some new tour dates (also on the map, of course) that Skambankt reveal on their new website.
Check back soon for a report of the release concert and translations of the lyrics, some reviews, and the news on!

2007/1/26: On the radio, on TV and in the math book!

Skambankt's song "Dynasti" has been b-listed on NRK P3.
Yesterday evening, Skambankt were in the radio studio and talked about the new album. Listen to it on NRK's web radio (search for Harald Are Lund, 25.1., 21:00 or just use this link).
Tonight, Skambankt appeared on NRK2's Topp 20, and the video of Dynasti was shown there as well! Watch the show here.
On Wednesday, Jan. 31, there will be a segment on Skambankt on Lydverket - the show should be broadcast on NRK's web tv as well.
And last but not least, Skambankt actually appear in a Norwegian math book! There's some problems about decibels, and next to it is a picture of Skambankt. Good choice! =;-)

Skambankt i matteboken

Thanks a lot to Marielle for sending me the picture!

2007/1/26: 3 days left...

There's some additional links in the link section.
Don't expect further updates during the next days. But I promise a big update including a report about the release concert for some time next week. =;-)
Go out on Monday and buy the album! If you are not in Norway or Denmark, you can order it on In BeNeLux, the album will be distributed via Bertus, so you should be able to get it there.
And of course, don't forget about the competition!