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Band history

2007/2/9: Lyrics!

The lyrics of the new album are online now, check them out here. The translations will follow, just give me a day or two to check them again. Thanks so much to you who offered help! =:-D
Don't forget about the setlist vote - and only one more week to send in your promotion activities!

2007/2/8: More festivals!

According to this article, Skambankt will be playing at this year's Steinkjer-Festivalen!
Reviews and articles are coming in every day, please check the links section for all the updates. And if you want to know more about the "new", you should check out this link.
Apart from that, just a short info to people trying to buy the new record online from outside Norway or even outside Europe: The CD is also available in the Danish online shop

2007/2/6: State of the art!

As I'm just discovering the advantages of RSS-feeds, I had to get one as well. So, get yourself a good browser (like Opera - always advertising *g*), subscribe to the feed by clicking the RSS symbol on the left, and never ever miss an update of the site again! OK, except if I forget to push the publish-button, but yeah, that's details... *g*
Apart from that, I'm looking for a victimvolunteer to help me a bit with the translation of the lyrics - almost done, but I need a native to fill in the question marks. =;-) Won't take much time, if you have a second, please drop me a line.
And both the voting and the competition are still open of course.

2007/2/5: Stirred & un-stirred

According to NRK, Skambankt's single Dynasti will be part of this year's Rørt & Urørt sampler that will be out in February.
The four festivals that have leaked through already have been confirmed, thus Skambankt will be playing at Helgåfestivalen, Quart, Kvinesdal Rock and Øyafestivalen. Check the map if you're not so familiar with Norwegian summer festivals - and then start planning your vacation. =:-)
If you want Skambankt and only Skambankt, come to the tour instead - there will be support bands in Denmark and at Folken, but it seems that Skambankt will be not only the main but also the only act at the other concerts in Norway. So don't be late. =;-)
Last but not least, keep on voting for a nice setlist, and promote Skambankt, of course!

2007/2/4: Vote!

Actually, the plan for today was to translate the lyrics. But somehow I got carried away - the result is, that you can now vote for your favorite setlist! Three votes a day (per IP, so if you are in a school or something, be quick before someone else voted =;-)), I'm curious how the results will be. In case of problems, contact me.
And of course, check out the official news and take part in the competition!