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2006/2/24: On the road!

Skambankt are back on tour, starting with (probably =;-)) two concerts in Copenhagen yesterday and Wednesday. I haven't heard anything yet about the shows - so, if you were there (or will go to any of the other concerts) - send in a short review!
Tonight Skambankt will play in Aalborg, and tomorrow in Århus. Don't miss it! Their support act for those two concerts is the band Fast Gallows.
Oh, and according to, Skambankt will also hold an autograph session in Århus tomorrow, 1 p.m., at TP Musikmarked.

2006/2/19: Links and FAQ

Finally, I managed to put a list of links online. It's probably not complete, so if you have some more links to add, submit them. Also, I did a small update on the FAQ.

2006/2/11: Pickles?!?

The translation of the news on is online ("NEWS-Official").

2006/2/11: Back in the charts!

Skambankt are back in the Danish single charts, and currently getting ready for the tour.

2006/1/22: There you go!

The translations of the Skamania EP are now available. Thanks again to Eivind for great help!
Also, you can read the translation of the new press release under "INFO-General".