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2006/12/2: New songs!

Check out some songs of the new album on Skambankt's MySpace site!
The album will be out January 29, and you can already hear the first single, Tyster, on the radio (or on NRK's netradio, of course), if you're lucky.
Here you can read the translation of a short news bit about the new album - stay tuned, you'll find more information here in a few days!
The first rumors about festival dates are out by now - seems Skambankt will be playing at Kvinesdal Rock Festival, which takes place July 12-15.

2006/11/26: Eliksir!

Check out the tracklist of the new Skambankt album Eliksir here. The album will be out January 29, both in Norway and Denmark.
Look forward to more information about the album very soon here!

2006/11/22: Tyster!

Skambankt's new radio single, Tyster, has been playlisted on P3 - so tune in and get skambankt!
The song should also be up on MySpace fairly soon.

2006/10/25: Links,2,3,4!

Two new links: First a review of the concert at Checkpoint from Studentavisa Hugin, and then another review of the soundtrack CD for the film Uro. Skambankt contributed two songs to the soundtrack, namely Skambankt and Desertør.
If you stumble across some further links (especially about reviews of the concert, of course!), please send them in!

2006/10/24: Skambra!

The only concert Skambankt did this fall is history, and it is worth remembering! Read all about it here, and if you are into... hmm, let's say... very "artistic" photographs, you might want to check them out here. But you don't really want that. =:-/
Anyway, we got a first taste of the new songs in Stavanger, and they are just "skambra"!