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2006/1/22: There you go!

The translations of the Skamania EP are now available. Thanks again to Eivind for great help!
Also, you can read the translation of the new press release under "INFO-General".

2006/1/22: New press release!

There's a new press release on Also, the tour dates have been confirmed.

2006/1/17: Skamania!

The lyrics for the Skamania EP are online now ("MUSIC-Lyrics"). The translations are currently... eh... "under revision". They will be online as soon as I figure out what all those funny words are supposed to mean. =;-) No, promised, it'll be pretty soon now.

2006/1/8: On the way!

News on, the tour dates have been confirmed! Read the translation under "NEWS-Official" if your Norwegian is worse than mine. =;-)

2006/1/2: New year, new stuff!

Just in case you noticed - yes, the site was down for a few days. Not my fault... *grr* Hopefully it'll stay online now.
I've been busy updating though. Additionally to the updated FAQ and band introduction I uploaded the last time, there's now the translation of the official news. Enjoy!