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2006/6/2: More beautiful than ever!

Skambankt have returned from the studio with five brandnew songs and the feeling to be just "too good" by now. Well, we certainly hope so!
The names of the new songs have been revealed on their myspace page: Dynasti, Din Nød, Eleksir, Bak Låste Dører and Malin. Some more songs will be recorded at the end of summer, and the album release is still planned for January.

2006/4/20: Pimp my FAQ!

Update in the FAQ: Some songs and all the videos are available on MySpace now.
And the most frequently asked question of all - why the hell do I call that FAQ if nobody ever asks anything?!? =;-)

2006/4/17: Pimp my ride!

News on, translation here.

2006/4/17: Taking over MySpace!

Skambankt are on MySpace now - so pay them a visit:
No concerts this year, but new songs - Skambankt are busy recording their new album right now, which is scheduled to come out early next year.

2006/4/1: Get the merch!

Some updates in the FAQ: I added the info about the new album and updated the part about merchandise, as it is now possible to get Skambankt merchandise in Germany, via Lo-Fi Merchandise.