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2006/3/7: I Oslo liker de rock!

My report and some (bad...) photos from the concert in Oslo are online now, look at them in the LIVE-section.

2006/3/6: Wow!

Can't say much more, the gig in Oslo was amazing... I'll put up a report and photos tomorrow or Wednesday, now I need some sleep. =;-)
I did find some more interviews and concert reviews though, check out the links section!

2006/3/2: Links links links!

The link section is growing and growing, mostly because of the articles and reviews about the current concerts. The most recent links added are the announcement (including an interview) and the (very positive!) review of the Stavanger concert, both from Stavanger Aftenblad, and the announcement for the Bergen concert on
Next update will be after the weekend, got some business in Oslo... =;-)

2006/2/27: Secret gig at Märkbar!

The night after their "official" concert at Lille Vega in Copenhagen, Skambankt played a secret gig at Märkbar. Here's the news about it from (in a quick and dirty translation, my Danish is even worse than my Norwegian =;-)):
On Thursay, Feb. 23, Märkbar in Copenhagen celebrated its 7th birthday in style. The small bar in Vesterbro, where 22 Pistepirko played their first concert in Denmark, did it again. Filled the small place with gear and instruments and held a secret and furios concert for a few lucky guests. After the band had set up all their gear and all of Märkbar's furniture was put outside in the street, there was room for maybe 50 people, and it was a party that won't be forgotten too soon. The little place was cram-full - but not more, so that there still was room to dance and jump around. And there was movement. After only one song during the soundcheck (it was so loud that the owners of Märkbar did not dare to allow for more because they were afraid the neighbors would complain), Skambankt's sound engineer worked wonders, the sound was razor sharp and the band was hot. Additionally, a smaller version of Magtens Korridorer played an acoustic set before Skambankt came on. A big night for Märkbar.

2006/2/26: Photos and review!

Some photos from the concert in Copenhagen can be found on A review of the concert in Århus has been published on If you have pictures or reviews you want to publish here, or if you find a link, please contact me.