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2006/12/22: Tour dates!

Skambankt have posted some tour dates on their MySpace site - check them out here.
This is not the complete list yet - but hey, that looks good for a start!
If you're as bad in Norwegian geography as I am, check out the map containing all the dates and places - and add yourself to the list of attendees!

2006/12/18: Things you didn't know about Jesus' birth

Ted and Bones visited P3 today to talk a little about the new album (and a lot about Christmas). If you missed it - listen to NRK's net radio here. It's definitely worth checking it out... =;-)

And in case you can't understand, here's a short summary:

The record is all done and should be out of the press by today, so Skambankt will be able to hold the first copies of their new baby in their hands very soon. Last week, Skambankt recorded a video (the only thing Ted wanted to reveal about the content is that Skambankt show off how tough they are - but everybody who read the interview with Don Fist knows a bit more =;-)) and took some press pictures and stuff. The video shoot was a bit heavy, but generally, it's all fun as long as it works out fine. This meeting had to do for a Christmas party this year, but next year they'll have a real party - if the album is gonna do well, that is.
Apart from that, we learned that the Norwegian Julenissen actually comes from Finnland, people in Finnmark drink lots of Cognac, Ted has no clue about Christmas trees, one of the Three Magi was an albino, and Jesus weighed 4800g when he was born.
You see, you missed a lot of stuff you never wanted to know.

2006/12/12: The essence of Eliksir!

You might wonder what the new Skambankt album Eliksir, scheduled for release January 29th, will sound like. Or how the cover will look. What songs will be on. What they are about. How the lyrics are. Or more generally, how Skambankt make new songs and how they record them. And of course what they expect from the new album, what plans they have for the tour and if there's gonna be new merchandise.
Well, now you can read all about it here - enjoy!
Thanks a lot to Don Fist for the interview!

Additionally, there's some first dates for the tour leaking through. They are not officially confirmed yet, but if you want to, check them out here.

2006/12/2: New songs!

Check out some songs of the new album on Skambankt's MySpace site!
The album will be out January 29, and you can already hear the first single, Tyster, on the radio (or on NRK's netradio, of course), if you're lucky.
Here you can read the translation of a short news bit about the new album - stay tuned, you'll find more information here in a few days!
The first rumors about festival dates are out by now - seems Skambankt will be playing at Kvinesdal Rock Festival, which takes place July 12-15.

2006/11/26: Eliksir!

Check out the tracklist of the new Skambankt album Eliksir here. The album will be out January 29, both in Norway and Denmark.
Look forward to more information about the album very soon here!

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