30/08/2022: Plan A!

Now we're done with the summer festivals, but already this week Skambankt will set out on their last ever 😭 tour! Starting with a show at Folken in Stavanger, and ending in Stavanger as well with a grand finale at DNB Arena! If you haven't bought your tickets yet, it's about time! Or actually, already too late for quite a few of the shows ... You can find all the dates here.

As a "last good-bye", Skambankt released a video for their melancholic and wistful ballad "Plan A". Check it out!

08/08/2022: Summer festivals!

OK, the heading is maybe a little bit misleading and outdated, since there is only one real festival left for the summer, and ... well, "summer" is maybe not exactly the right term to be used in Norway this year anyway. But still - over the last couple of weeks, Skambankt played a few festivals, and went back to the "plugged" rock version of Skambankt for that!

On Saturday, they played at Raumarock, and this was the first time I saw them with electric guitars since 2019. And it was great fun!

20/06/2022: Grand finale!

Skambankt have started their last round of touring last weekend with the first summer festival in Stavanger. And the place of the "first" concert must also be the place of the last, right?
Right! The very last Skambankt concert will take place at DNB Arena in Stavanger on November 4th, 2022. Tickets for this grand finale will be available from Wednesday. Don't miss out!
Unless you're a poor little soul like me and already know that you have to be somewhere else that week ... =:ยด-((

24/05/2022: Takk for alt! 🖤

Yesterday Skambankt announced:
Dear Skambankt friends,

We have good news and bad news.

The good is that we will soon go out on tour again. The bad is that it will be our last.
There's a time for everything, and now we're approaching the time for throwing in the Skambankt towel.
A long chapter is reaching its end. A really good chapter that offered both tailwinds and headwinds, sun and rain. We're really looking forward to the last run.
It's both wistful and a bit sad, but not dramatic. After 10 album releases, we wish to close this door, which will give us the chance to open others.

We're gonna bring it home now with this last run, and we have decided to really enjoy that one together with you.
See you at the concerts!

09/05/2022: Lyrics!

Finally! Sorry, it took forever because I just didn't find the time, but now the lyrics and translations for TI are online.
Check them out here - and as always, if you spot anything that's wrong or weird, let me know!