06/11/2022: That's a wrap!

Well, and just like this - Skambankt is history! 😭

This Friday, they played their last ever concert at DNB Arena in Stavanger - if you missed it, you can still watch the recording (you'll need to pay, but it's definitely worth it!).

Also, if you didn't listen to Stjernepose on NRK last week, you might want to go back and check it out - Terje and Tollak were there every day telling stories, and they played a few quite rare songs (and even some that have never been played before)!

In addition to that, TV Vest's series about Skambankt, Balladen om Skambankt, is still going on, so make sure to watch it.

And of course, finally: Thank you Skambankt! Thanks for all the music, the concerts, the experiences and of course all the memories. We'll meet again ... ! 🖤

23/10/2022: Takk for alt!

On Thursday, Skambankt played at John Dee in Oslo - which was my very last live concert with them. 😢 Which also means my very last concert report ...

There's three more chances to catch Skambankt live - in Stord, Haugesund, and of course at the big finale show in Stavanger on November 4! If you can't make it to that one (like me ... 😭), you can watch it live (or later) here, so make sure to get your ticket!

15/10/2022: Up north!

Another concert for me - the next-to-last one, to be exact. =:-o
And as always, it was great fun! Check out my concert report from Bodø!

09/10/2022: Rolling on!

The tour is rolling on - check out my report from the concert in Trondheim (which was absolutely awesome, just in case you were doubting ;-))!

Skambankt's very last concert is approaching way too quickly ... If you're not one of the lucky ones who can make it to Stavanger for that show, no need to despair though! (I mean, except for the desperation that it's really their last concert, of course ...)
The concert will be streamed live, and the recording will be available to watch again afterwards. Head over to vier.live for more information and to buy your ticket!

26/09/2022: Siste stikk!

Skambankt's last tour is underway, and gosh, if you don't have any plans for attending one of the last shows yet, get out your calender and make sure to check out the dates right away. You don't want to miss this!

On Saturday, Skambankt played in Moss, and that was the first of the last concerts for me. Check out my report!

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