23/03/2014: Oslo!

Another awesome concert - check out my report!
Next week, Skambankt will conclude their Sirene tour with concerts in Haugesund and Stavanger - go see them if you can!

20/03/2014: TV'n din e lojal!

Great news for everyone who won't be able to attend Skambankt's concert at Rockefeller in Oslo this Saturday: WiMP will stream the concert live! Go to tinyurl.com/skambankt for all the information and of course the live stream.
If you are in Oslo that night and just don't have a ticket yet, you can try your luck at musikknyheter.no, who are giving away tickets for the concert.

If you follow this site on Facebook, Twitter, or through the RSS feed, you probably know that my report from the Trondheim concert is online already. Forgot to post it here, oops ... =;-) You can check it out here.

And finally, the tour list is getting longer and longer - more and more festivals are announcing that Skambankt will play there this year. Check out all dates that are known up to now here or on the tour map.

03/03/2014: Licking blood!

Yay! Finally I had the chance to check out Skambankt live this year, and believe me - if you don't have your ticket for a Skambankt show yet, get it! Absolutely awesome ... =:-) If you doubt, check out my reports from Copenhagen and Øystese! I had planned to post some pictures from Øystese as well but found out after two minutes that my new camera is not made for concert photos ... so check Instagram for live photos, lots of good stuff there!

23/02/2014: Starten på ei nye tid!

Yep, I know, it took quite a while - but the lyrics and translations of the Sirene songs are now online! Thanks so much to Lena who did the major part of the work; typing out the lyrics and doing a first translation. So I hardly had to do anything ... thank you, you're the best!
So check out all the translations here - and if you find errors or weird wordings, let me know.

Actually, the lyrics have been online for a week already - I just didn't post it yet, because I wanted to wait for the new design. Which is now finally finished - hope you like it! The fansite had the same design since before the Eliksir album ... way too long. So now it was time for a little relaunch! The content has hardly changed; but my guess is that most of you hardly ever saw how much content the site has, right? So, check it out! And maybe even take the time to sign the guestbook - which has actually been there all those years, but nobody ever found it. *uhem*

So, I hope you like the new design. Surf around, have a look, let me know if you find any errors, and spread the word!

09/02/2014: Armageddon og apokalypse!

Sirene is out! Most reviews have been splendid (except for those that call for armageddon and apocalypse *g*), and the album went right to the top of the Norwegian charts - congratulations!

As mentioned, I couldn't follow up with everything that happened the last two weeks, but I did collect a bunch of links to reviews, interviews, and articles:This weekend, the Sirene tour started in Drammen and Porsgrunn, and it sounds like the concerts were awesome! If you want to send in a picture of the setlist or even a concert report, please do so! And speaking of concerts ... another concert date has been added: On April 26, Skambankt will play in Praha, together with Karpe Diem. And of course, there will be quite a few festivals this summer. Check out all the dates that are currently known in the tour list or tour map!

And finally, according to this article, we might actually find Skambankt's Voodoo beer at Vinmonopolet at some time.

And now, after getting you all up to date, I will actually get to listen to the album myself as well. =;-)