11/12/2014: Sold out!

This year's Christmas concert, "O jul med din vrede" in Bryne, is sold out! So if you got your tickets, you'll surely have a great time next weekend!

2/11/2014: O jul med din vrede!

The tour is over, and Skambankt mentioned several times that it will be quite a while until the next tour ... However, if you check the tour dates or the tour map, you'll see that we won't have to go without concerts forever. =;-) There will be a youth concert in Oslo in January, and what seems to be a Denmark tour in March! And, most importantly, Skambankt will play their annual Christmas concert in Bryne again - check skambankt.com for all information.

18/10/2014: Folken!

Skambankt at Folken in Stavanger - day 1 and day 2!

11/10/2014: Back on the road!

Skambankt are back on tour - apparently for the last time before recording more music. Next weekend will be the big conclusion with two concerts at Folken in Stavanger! Until then, check out my report from the concert at Byscenen in Trondheim!

31/08/2014: Time for festivals!

Check out my reports from the Skambankt concerts at Bukta festival, Pstereo, and Verket! The photos are available here: Bukta, Pstereo, and Verket.

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