09/02/2014: Armageddon og apokalypse!

Sirene is out! Most reviews have been splendid (except for those that call for armageddon and apocalypse *g*), and the album went right to the top of the Norwegian charts - congratulations!

As mentioned, I couldn't follow up with everything that happened the last two weeks, but I did collect a bunch of links to reviews, interviews, and articles:This weekend, the Sirene tour started in Drammen and Porsgrunn, and it sounds like the concerts were awesome! If you want to send in a picture of the setlist or even a concert report, please do so! And speaking of concerts ... another concert date has been added: On April 26, Skambankt will play in Praha, together with Karpe Diem. And of course, there will be quite a few festivals this summer. Check out all the dates that are currently known in the tour list or tour map!

And finally, according to this article, we might actually find Skambankt's Voodoo beer at Vinmonopolet at some time.

And now, after getting you all up to date, I will actually get to listen to the album myself as well. =;-)

23/01/2014: Potetkjelleren!

Somehow, every news bit about Skambankt seems to contain the word Potetkjelleren (potato cellar) at the moment ... =;-)

Anyway, the important news: The album "Sirene" will be released on Monday, January 27! Two days later, Skambankt will play two release concerts in Stavanger (one without age limit). To get tickets for these concerts, you have to be one of the first to buy the new album at Platekompaniet Stavanger or Kvadrat or at Ivar Skei Musikkhandel in Sandnes.

The first reviews and interviews about the album have been published already, for example at Aftenbladet and Avisa Nordland. And skambankt.com has been relaunched as well! There will surely be lots of other news, articles, radio interviews, and album reviews the next days. However, I didn't consider any album release dates when planning my vacation, so I'll be away and offline for the next two weeks - so I won't be able to update you with current news and links, sorry ... Feel free to post on Facebook or send them to me by mail, so I can collect the links and post a news summary when I'm back.

Of course you'll also get the translations of the lyrics of the new album here on the fansite - but it will take a few weeks, because I won't even get to hear the album until I'm back from vacation. If you want to speed this up, feel free to send me your draft so I don't have to start from scratch! =;-)

In other news, Skambankt won an award as Innovator of the Year from Spellemann and Spotify for their campaign around the Voodoo vinyl. Congratulations! Here's an interview video from the award show, and an interview with some information about the campaign and the album.

The Voodoo singles are finally available now - you can watch a short clip about the campaign on NRK Kveldsnytt, or check out some Instagram pictures, for example here.

And now, enjoy the album!