9/12/2008: More about the album!

Check out the translation of this article for some more information about the upcoming album "Hardt Regn"!
And of course you can still find all the information about the tracklist etc. in the press release.

28/11/2008: Vinyl!

If everything goes as planned, Hardt Regn will be the first Skambankt album that is released as CD and as LP. The vinyl version will be limited and available January 26, just like the CD version.
As skambankt.com is only used as a redirect to myspace.com/skambankt now, you will now also find translations of the MySpace blog posts here on the site. Those news will be posted under the category OFFICIAL NEWS (formerly known as SKAMBANKT.COM).

26/11/2008: Cover and track list!

Tuba Records has just revealed the cover and the track list of the new Skambankt album "Hardt regn"!

Cover Hardt Regn
  1. Vår Bør
  2. Kom Hell
  3. Løgnprofitør
  4. Det Tar Tid
  5. O Dessverre
  6. Feil
  7. Trygge Rammer
  8. Slukk Meg (For Eg Brenner)
  9. Malin
  10. Når Du Ber Din Nød
  11. Tanker Som Mareritt

Check out the translation of the press release here!

You can find all tour dates that are out (though not confirmed) up to now in the tour list and on the tour map!

25/11/2008: Dates dates dates!

By now it is official: The new Skambankt album "Hardt regn" will be released in Norway January 26! And according to Tuba Records, it will be released as CD and LP.
The support gigs for the Danish band D-A-D are confirmed now. Skambankt will warm up for D-A-D at five of their gigs in Denmark. Check out the tour dates for more info.
More and more dates of the upcoming tour are leaking through. The tour will start in Bergen February 6. All tourdates that are out up to now (though NOT confirmed yet!) are listed in the tour list and of course also on the tour map. If you hear about other concerts, let me know!
And if you look closely, you will see that the first two summer festivals are revealed as well - next year, Skambankt will play at Slottsfjell and at Raumarock!

9/11/2008: Tour start!

According to hulen.no, Skambankt will start their next tour there on February 6, 2009! Probably more dates are going to leak through the next days, so if you hear something, let me know!
And of course, check out the older news, including the fact that the upcoming Skambankt album will be called "Hardt regn"!