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Here is a translation of official news that were published by Skambankt on, MySpace, or Facebook, as well as articles published by Norwegian and Danish media. The orginal texts have been published online. If you have an article you don't understand and want a translation up here, please give me a hint.

2008/12/01 Stavanger Aftenblad: Another one from Skambankt: Steadier beating

In January, Skambankt plan to let "Hardt Regn" pour over the record buyers of this country.

Skambankt's third record is a more steady affair, according to the band.

January 26 is the date. "Hardt Regn" is the titel. Two years after the last album, Skambankt are done with the successor to "Eliksir". Singer, guitar player and songwriter Terje W. Røthing sums it up in the following simple way:

This is what Skambankt's upcoming album "Hardt Regn" looks like. It will be out in January.
- This is a more steady record with more good songs than before.

Variation is also a keyword.

- We have added something new, and among other things, we dared to take it down completely. Focus on melody is another keyword, and we ourselves think that the record is more varied than before, he says.


Skambankt was a hobby project that suddenly became more serious than planned.

- We recorded a demo, just for fun. And then there was a record. Since then we pulled ourselves together more and more each time, he says, and adds that it can seem like the band is taken more seriously.

- There have been some openings in the Norwegian rock'n'roll top layers lately. Are you aiming at taking the step right up to the top now?

- We don't think about these things at all. We think about making the best record possible and to play the best concerts possible, the frontman says.


There is almost no use in playing in a rock band if you can't use the right to have cool artist names. Ted Winters (Terje Winterstø Røthing), Hanz Panzer (Hans Egil Løe), Don Fist (Tollak Friestad) and Bones Wolsman (Børge Henriksen) from Skambankt have understood that.
Skambankt took over the control of the new album themselves. This means that they themselves dealt with the recording and production. The mixing was done by Mike Hartung.

- We wanted to use as much time as the songs needed, Røthing says.

The band presented the first taste, the power rocker "Malin", in October. In a bit less than two months, the rest will follow. Røthing feels that the band has developed a more distinctive character this time.

- This time we have to a higher degree found our own expression. The second record was L.A.-rock, and this time we wanted to have it a bit dirtier, he says.


The recordings took place in the flat and autumnal Jæren, and the band allowed themselves to vary the instrumentation a bit. Klepp Hornmusikk's instrument collection came in handy, for example.

- We got to borrow a whole trailer load of big instruments. This means that there is brass on a Skambankt record for the first time, he says.

Help from Denmark

Skambankt can also look forward to both give and take support from Denmark next year. The band has been invited to warm up for D-A-D at the upcoming arena tour of the Danish heroes. Five concerts as support for Denmark's biggest rock band is something Skambankt like.

- We have played in Denmark quite a bit before, but this is gonna be special. There aren't many Danish bands that go out on their own arena tour, Røthing says.

You can find the Danish dates on the band's MySpace site.


Here at home it's Bergen that gets to see the band first on the upcoming tour. The tour start will be at Hulen on February 6. The festivals Slottsfjell and Raumarock are already confirmed.

- Will there be more festivals for you, or will Kaizers Orchestra also be on tour?

- It's gonna be a bit of a puzzle, he smiles.

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