4/11/2008: Hardt regn!

Skambankt were on the radio today and talked about their new album. And they announced the name: Hardt Regn (Heavy Rain)!
You can listen to the interview here (it starts after about 18 minutes). If you don't understand Norwegian, here's a short summary: The album is almost done and will be completed by next Monday, and the release is planned for the last week of January. It was recorded at Bekk Studio in Jæren, where Skambankt basically locked themselves in for three weeks, only working on the songs. Right next to the studio was an old church, and Skambankt actually recorded the drums for half of the songs in there.
The lyrics of Malin are about a certain type of personality, and if you think the song is a bit too much "pop", don't despair... =;-) And presumably, Skambankt will present a new logo again, at least they are promising a new tattoo pattern. =;-)
Of course there will also be a tour following the release of the album, thus in February.

3/11/2008: On the radio!

According to a post on drmowinckel.com, Skambankt will appear on the radio program "Kompani Knudsen" tomorrow between 2 and 4 p.m. You can listen to P3's web stream here.

15/10/2008: Malin!

The first single of the upcoming album is out - pretty early, considering that the album won't be released until 2009. But hey, I'm not gonna complain, it's a brand-new Skambankt song after all! =:-) And you can check it out here!
Actually, the song is unreleased, but not new. If you read through the interview I did with Don Fist before the release of Eliksir, you find out that it had actually been recorded for the last album already:
konzertjunkie.de: You talked about a song called "Malin" one time?

Don Fist: Yeah, but that's not gonna be on. The song was too soft. It was a kind of harassing with a girl called Malin. Or, we called the girl Malin, we didn't know her name. It's a girl we met. And we didn't like her, and we made a song about it. Maybe we will released it at some point in time, but we don't know yet, it's too early to say.
Apart from this breaking news, there's a very interesting article on the new album here. I didn't find the time to translate it yet, but I'll give my best. If you want a translation, let me know, that might increase my motivation. =;-)

As mentioned before you can listen to the new Skambankt single Malin here, and now you can find the lyrics and the translation of the lyrics here! It's a first shot, so if you notice any errors (and I'm sure you will!), please let me know.
Thanks a lot to Lena for the help!

23/9/2008: Church drums!

Skambankt are currently recording their new album, which is due to be released in February 2009. They just recorded the drums for some of the tracks - in a church... Read the translation of the Aftenblad article here!
Thanks to Truls for sending me the article!

22/8/2008: Vote for Skambankt!

No news at the moment... Mr. Winters is kinda busy with his side band, it seems. But you can vote for Skambankt as Rogaland's best band of all times. If you don't have anything better to do, that is. =;-)