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Here is a translation of official news that were published by Skambankt on, MySpace, or Facebook, as well as articles published by Norwegian and Danish media. The orginal texts have been published online. If you have an article you don't understand and want a translation up here, please give me a hint.

Skambankt on the P3 list

The song "Tyster", the first single of the upcoming album "Eliksir", went into P3's B-list this week. This is the first time Skambankt are listed at any of the "serious" radio stations!

- This is a big breakthrough in the Skambankt world, Ted Winters explains. He is happy about the listing, but not really suprised.

- It was about time they opened their eyes for us, and Tyster is a fresh little thing that fits exactly into radio stations that can take a few sharp edges.

The album "Eliksir" will be out January 29. It will be followed by a tour with around 20 shows in Norway and Denmark in February and March.

- 2007 will be the big Skambankt year, Don Fist adds. He's the merchman for this Kaizers tour, as this is something he can combine with his other job as author of erotic novels. He works two jobs in order to come up with the money for a new bass amplifier for the next tour. Skambankt push it hard now.

- Kaizers Orchestra also had a song called Tyster at some point in time. Does the Skambankt song have anything to do with that one?

- No, nothing. Just the same title, like Sigøynerblod of Jan Eggum doesn't have anything to do with Sigøynerblod of Kaizers. Actually, I don't even remember Geir's Tyster song, it was just on some "maybe list" for a short time.

So, important message: Listen to the radio!
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Ted Winters - new look for the Firebird tattoo in Bochum

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