Skambankt is...

Ted Winters

Ted Winters - Guitar & vocals

Hates Keane, but loves his bandmates.
Considers all his songs as babies and would never prefer or talk bad about any of them.
Can't remember the last concert he has seen.
Would like to exchange his liver or donate his whole body - but you're never gonna get his soul...
Thinks that Paris Hilton is famous.
Had his last Docs when he was fourteen and has been wearing Chucks ever since.
Only drives tanks.
Doesn't like to mingle with the ordinary people.

Hanz Panzer - Guitar

Had his worst concert experience with the Kaiser Chiefs.
Hates to mistake Don Fist for his girlfriend when he shares a hotel room with him on tour.
Would donate one of his testicles, as he doesn't need both.
Wants to own a pick up truck with big wheels and a huge engine - but it must be a Ford.
Cares for neither Sex Pistols nor Ramones.
Thinks that sleeping is for dead people only.
Hanz Panzer
Bones Wolsman

Bones Wolsman - Drums

The worst band he's ever seen live was Don Juan.
Prefers Sex Pistols over Ramones.
Wanted to be called Rudi Völler.
Would rather want a pick-up truck than a sports-car.
Joined Skambankt to become rich, not famous.

Don Fist - Bass

Hates people if they are boring or sober.
Prefers fortune over fame, as fortune can buy fame.
The worst concert he has ever seen was with Sondre Lerche.
Would choose a favorite Skambankt song if he was only allowed to.
Can be very diplomatic when judging other bands.
Don Fist

Jonny Engelsvoll - Keyboards

Is new. ;)


If you have a question not listed here, send it in and I'll try to answer it!

How can I get the Skambankt records in Europe?

The easiest way: Order them online, either from or from Lo-Fi Merchandise. Cdon is a Swedish company, Lo-Fi is German. Downloads are available, for example, on, and probably also on iTunes.
If you want to have your local record store order the CDs for you, that's also possible. The first three albums are released on Dog Job, a label of Tuba Records. In Denmark, the record company was Kick Music for the first three albums and Sony Music starting with Søvnløs.
The first three records are distributed by Soulfood in Germany, Bertus in the Benelux, Irascible in Switzerland, Target in Denmark, and Sound Pollution in Sweden. With that information, your local record dealer should be able to order the CDs... hopefully. =;-)

Where can I buy merchandise?

The best way is to buy it after the concerts - but this might be a little harder in Europe, I admit that. =;-)
The German company Lo-Fi Merchandise sells Skambankt merchandise. They have an online shop that ships to basically everywhere, and in Cologne, there is also a "real" shop. You can find the address on their website.

What are Skambankt's ambitions for Europe?

Skambankt's only goal is to have fun making music. So there are no serious ambitions to conquer Europe, neither with the records nor touring, but if there's an opportunity like the gig in Berlin, they certainly won't say no. The big question is: "How far can fun bring you"?

What are the plans for the nearer future?

Skambankt have just returned from a pretty long break. Now they'll be touring a lot, play the summer festivals, and then ...? Probably start working on new songs, I'd guess.

When will the next Skambankt album come out?

Well, they just released a new album at the beginning of 2014, so give them some time. =;-)

I like Kaizers Orchestra. Will I also like Skambankt?

Maybe. Maybe not. Skambankt are completely different from Kaizers.
Listen to the music and decide for yourself.

When will Skambankt finally come back to $TOWN?

Check the tour dates. Check If you don't find any dates for $TOWN there, there's probably no concert planned.

Are there any concerts around here soon?

That depends on where "around here" is. =;-) The easiest way to find out is to check the tour map and zoom to where you want to go see them. Click on the stars to see where and when the concert will take place!

Where can I see the Skambankt videos?

Here or on YouTube. If you live in Germany, you might have to use a service like though.

Where can I listen to some Skambankt songs?

Skambankt songs are available on Spotify and Wimp. If you don't have access to those, YouTube is probably your best option.

What does "Skambankt" mean?

Something like "beaten to pieces".
For the linguists: skam - shame, disgrace; bankt - past participle of banke - beat up, thrash =;-)