Concert report

2005/3/18: Skambankt, Oslo


Going to Norway just to see Skambankt? Hell yeah!

I decided some time ago that I just HAVE to see Skambankt. I mean, Kaizers are great, but punk is the music I “came from”, my first favorite bands were almost all punk bands, I just love the Skambankt record, so I couldn’t wait to see them live. Anyway, waiting for Skambankt to tour Europe would probably be pretty useless. Plus, thanks to Ryanair, a trip to Oslo isn’t much more expensive for me than a trip to, say, Cologne… So I booked a flight to go to the concert in Drammen, which was then moved to another date, so I had to change the flight, and now it was a lot more expensive… =:-( But well. Shit happens. And it was worth it… *g*

So, after a day of traveling (I never said Ryanair was convenient, it’s just cheap *g*) I arrived in Oslo Friday evening, spent half an hour looking for the Garage (even though I’d been there before and was looking in exactly the right place), finally found it, bought my ticket, then left my stuff at the hostel and got a little rest before heading back to Garage for the concert. There I was lucky and met some of the fans I knew from the Rockefeller concert & Vorspiel (thanks for the nice welcome, guys!) and so I could spend the time before the concert without boring myself to death.

Then the support band went on stage, they were okay (Truls loved them *g*), and a little while later it was time for the REAL thing. =;-)

Well, now how do you describe a punk concert? I guess either you like it or you don’t, I LOVED it, and even though there weren’t too many people in the audience, there was some screaming and pogo and stuff. OK, I’ve seen worse – or better, however you want to look at it *g* – but it was good enough to heat up the atmosphere and calm enough you could keep out and still see something. Just perfect. =;-)

For the setlist, I don’t have it, so I can’t tell for sure, but it was probably the same as the next day in Drammen, so check it in that report. *g*

I have no idea why, but somehow I understood most of what Terje, ähem, I mean Ted, was saying on stage. I didn’t get any of the conversations between people, but the announcements on stage, that was okay. Don’t ask why, I guess I’m strange. But hey, I don’t mind. =;-)

So, here’s what I remember about the concert:

In general, there were a lot of typical things for rock/punk concerts, which I generally don’t like, that’s all just phrases to say when you aren’t creative enough to come up with real announcements. *g* But it was fun to hear and understand them in Norwegian. =;-) “Har dere fått nok? Gjør noe lyd! Har dere det fint?” For the last one, I was definitely tempted to scream “Scheißkapelle!” – but nobody would have understood. *rofl*

After the concert, Truls stole a poster for me (Thanks!!!), I wanted to have it signed, but some musicians hid backstage… *grmbl* At least Mr. Winters showed up in the end and did indeed sign it, plus passed some nice words (from beast to really nice guy in half an hour *gg*), and he even looked a tiny little bit sorry about the Drammen concert. =;-)

So, after waiting at the Garage and spending some more time at a kebap, we were too late for the KISS party (luckily… ähem *gg*), I went back to the hostel and prepared for a busy next day with yet another Skambankt concert…


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