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Gleder oss

Vi gleder oss stort til helgen, hilsen oss i Øystese
2014/2/23 7:45 PM


nice new look! you realy put a lot of effort into skambankt! keep up the good work!
2014/2/23 6:58 PM

Nobody writes here anyway, but it SHOULD still work. =;-)
2011/3/20 9:55 PM
Susi S.

The new lay-out is lovely, I really like it!
I just need to find out all the buttons again, but give me some time and I'll have that under control.
Greetings from The Netherlands!
2007/9/26 8:39 PM


jetz muß ich täglich abstimmen damit am ende meine wunschsetliste entsteht, alles klar... kann ich nicht mehr als drei stimmen pro tag kriegen?
2007/9/24 6:27 PM

Just testing...

... whether I managed to break it.
But obviously not. =;-)
2007/9/24 12:45 AM
Susi S.


Lækker side du har her !

Endelig kommer Skambankt til Odense !!!!!
2007/7/27 6:28 PM

no subject

what a great band. they should come as soon as posible to rostock/germany!!!
2007/5/16 8:09 PM


hi... gays, i`am johan from sand (in rogaland) it`s in norway. i would like to have you on a tour in 2007 or 2008 i`am a big fan!
2007/4/25 8:28 PM

Support in Fredrikstad

Support for Skambankt in Fredrikstad are Blacksmith Bondage. theyve supportet bands like Nazareth, Backstreet Girls and Return earlier..

2007/3/16 1:22 PM

haha, won't beg! actually printed all of those articles, took a dictionary and try to do it myself, mwahaha xD that will take a long time though ;) cheers!
2007/2/21 7:21 AM

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