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02/10/2017: A glow on the horizon!

Oh my gosh ... It's October, and this is the first news article on this site this year. Which must mean that Skambankt aren't doing anything at all - or are they?!

Well, as a matter of fact, they have been doing quite a lot this year! Not only did they continue to build their studio in a hog house right next to a cow barn (it's a long story ... featured in pretty much every article about Skambankt in the Norwegian newspapers *g*), but they also USED this studio to record their new album! "Horisonten brenner" ("The horizon is burning") is scheduled for release in late January/early February. And as you might have heard before, this album is produced by none other than Janove Ottesen, Mr. Ex-Kaizer. According to him, "Horisonten brenner" will be "loud, hard, and beautiful", or, as Killmaster puts it, the album will have both hard and softer songs, but all in typical Skambankt fashion - "those who've heard it say that this is the best record we have ever made". Which means we'll have a lot to look forward to!

You can check out a short live clip of the title song here, and we'll get to hear the first single of the album very soon! It is called "Fremmed i en fremmed verden" ("Stranger in a strange world"), and Skambankt filmed the video for the single last weekend. And as soon as the video is ready, we'll get to hear the song! So let's NOT google and check who is responsible and bombard them with emails, but rather send our thoughts and prayers for a speedy processing. =;-)

And of course, a new album means a new tour as well! It's planned for February and March, and of course we'll get to see Skambankt at festivals next summer as well! A little downer, however: It looks like the annual "O jul med din vrede" Christmas festival won't be happening this year. =:-( A pity, but I'm sure the album will make up for it!

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One single = one music video? Not for Skambankt! Check out the video for the B side "Balladen om deg"!
Stranger in a strange world! Lyrics and translations for "Fremmed i en fremmed verden" and "Balladen om deg" are no?
Here's the music video for "Fremmed i en fremmed verden"!
Here are the lyrics for "Fremmed i en fremmed verden" and "Balladen om deg" (translations will be up soon):