About Skambankt

Skambankt are a Norwegian rock band playing a mixture of classic rock'n'roll, punk and hardrock in the tradition of bands like Motörhead, AC/DC, Ramones and Iron Maiden. The lyrics are in Norwegian. The first album contains revolutionary lyrics in which the real spirit of punk comes alive again - against the state, against the system, against corruption, capitalism, monitoring, and religious fanaticism. To put it short: Against everything - but with brains. In the second album, Skambankt even take it a step further. The lyrics are more personal, more realistic, while the music shows more variation.

But let them speak for themselves. Here's a collection of press releases:

Skambankt is...

Ted Winters

Ted Winters - Guitar & vocals

Hates Keane, but loves his bandmates.
Considers all his songs as babies and would never prefer or talk bad about any of them.
Can't remember the last concert he has seen.
Would like to exchange his liver or donate his whole body - but you're never gonna get his soul...
Thinks that Paris Hilton is famous.
Had his last Docs when he was fourteen and has been wearing Chucks ever since.
Only drives tanks.
Doesn't like to mingle with the ordinary people.

Hanz Panzer - Guitar

Had his worst concert experience with the Kaiser Chiefs.
Hates to mistake Don Fist for his girlfriend when he shares a hotel room with him on tour.
Would donate one of his testicles, as he doesn't need both.
Wants to own a pick up truck with big wheels and a huge engine - but it must be a Ford.
Cares for neither Sex Pistols nor Ramones.
Thinks that sleeping is for dead people only.
Hanz Panzer
Bones Wolsman

Bones Wolsman - Drums

The worst band he's ever seen live was Don Juan.
Prefers Sex Pistols over Ramones.
Wanted to be called Rudi Völler.
Would rather want a pick-up truck than a sports-car.
Joined Skambankt to become rich, not famous.

Don Fist - Bass

Hates people if they are boring or sober.
Prefers fortune over fame, as fortune can buy fame.
The worst concert he has ever seen was with Sondre Lerche.
Would choose a favorite Skambankt song if he was only allowed to.
Can be very diplomatic when judging other bands.
Don Fist

skambankt_kj on Twitter:
@elbjabbo @skambankt Det blir ikke noe julevrede i år. :( https://t.co/Z45cQqFLhP
A glow on the horizon! New Skambankt album coming soon! #skambankt #horisontenbrenner https://t.co/Z45cQqFLhP
RT @jaerbladet: Skambankt snart klare med nytt album https://t.co/JNE5t1yJmH https://t.co/pO3PnkFvFh
Want to be in @skambankt's next video? https://t.co/7SPw0tcDFd
RT @skambankt: Sjekk ut-alarm! Stor dag for Børge og resten av Brut Boogaloo. Gratulerer! https://t.co/QXy6k1FTds
RT @skambankt: Fredag 16 juni stikker vi hodet ut av studioet for å spille konsert til støtte for Kartfestivalen general, Bjørn... https://t.co/rtppBMytOw
RT @IndieRecordings: We are extremely proud & excited to welcome one of the greatest Norwegian rock bands Skambankt to our family!... https://t.co/PJOgVxFSCJ